Dock Five series

Songs of Love and Death

Truth be told, I mostly got my copy of Songs of Love and Death because it features a story by Linnea Sinclair, an auto-buy author for me. There are stories by a lot of other authors in it that I admire or have heard good things about, so that was an added inducement. All in all it proved a very good ...

Rebels and Lovers

In my eyes, nobody does a better job at writing a fine science fiction romance than Linnea Sinclair. Her heroes and heroines are marvellous, strong characters, the tech talk is fun without being overwhelming, and the world-building with all its political implications captures me each and every time. ...

Shades of Dark

When Shades of Dark arrived, I was excited because it was my first Linnea Sinclair novel and I’ve read such good things about her writing. Then I noticed that it was the second of a series involving the same couple, somewhat of a disappointment because I find it incredibly hard to enter a world-bu ...