Drakon series

Queen of Dragons

Favorite books are funny things. Much like relationships, they are never perfect - they just have to be perfect for you. Shana Abé works for me. I recognize the problems in her books, but, for the most part, I just don’t mind. Take Queen of Dragons, for instance, the third and lates ...

The Smoke Thief

Magical. In a word, that's my reaction to Shana Abe’s simply fabulous fantasy romance. Yes, the hero is manipulative, there’s no denying that. But - and this is a very important but - I never doubted for a moment that Christoff, Marquess of Langford, is gobsmacked by heroine Clarrissa Rue Haw ...

The Dream Thief

It's a given, for me, that any book Shana Abe creates will be a beautifully written, lyrical story that captures all your senses. She could probably turn my grocery list into some type of poetry. But is that enough? No. If there isn't enough plot and character dimension, all the lush descriptions wo ...