Dreamers series

American Sweethearts

Looking for a damn good, wonderfully steamy, thoughtfully constructed romance?  Look no further – here comes Adriana Herrera with her terrific American Sweethearts. Priscilla – Pris - Gutierrez and her best friend since childhood and on and off boyfriend Juan Pablo – J - Campos had always ...

American Love Story

Adriana Herrera’s Dreamers, a series about a group of four Afro-Latinx friends who live and work in and around New York, seems to get better and better with each book.  American Love Story is the third instalment and I loved it.  It’s complex and romantic while remaining grounded in reality; ...

American Fairytale

Camilo, or Milo, is a social worker with a heart of solid gold and a sass factor of eleven, while Tom is a billionaire funding a new project through Milo’s agency. Before that relationship is established, though, they happen to have an… er… intimate encounter at a fundraiser and neither can ge ...