Druids of Avalon series

Deep Magic

Nash's Druids of Avalon series is neatly ticking off the trappings of the Arthurian legend. The first book - The Grail King - dealt with the Holy Grail, of course, while Deep Magic explores the creation of the sword Exchalybur and how it wound up in that lake anyway. While this new twist on the lege ...

The Grail King

There was a time not long ago when a Druid hero would have held little interest for me. However, reviewing for AAR has somewhat redefined my reading tastes and I've discovered that categories I once avoided are full of books very much to my liking. There are at least a dozen authors whose backlists ...

Celtic Fire

Romans and Druids and Ghosts - oh my! Celtic Fire takes place in 117 A.D. Britannia. While the south of England is settled, the Roman conquerors are still fighting the blue-faced Celts along what would later become Hadrian's Wall. Against this backdrop Joy Nash weaves a seemingly impossible romance ...