Eastern Europe

The Historian

Can I just say "wow"? Equal parts paranormal, historical fiction, and kick-butt thriller, The Historian is a rare thing – a "literary" novel that doesn’t read like one. What I mean by that – and I'm just being honest here – is that even though the author's prose is sophisticated, her stor ...

King's Ransom

King’s Ransom tells the story of Bulgaria’s involvement in World War II, and how, despite being an Axis nation, the Bulgarian people succeeded in saving their Jewish citizens from extinction at the hands of the Nazis. It really is a fascinating story, one I was completely unfamiliar with before ...

Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire is a paranormal romance about a fictitious country dealing with real historical events. Josie Litton did something similar (in concept, not in execution) with her Dream Island series. Heart of Fire, like Dream Island, owes much to Regency-set Historicals, even though its setting is ima ...