Devil's Wager

Devil's Wager is the third in a trilogy by Mary Spencer (following Dark Wager and Lady's Wager). Set in England during the Regency period, Devil's Wager is Lad's story, who was introduced to us in the earlier books. Lad, an American who has his own prosperous property in Tennessee, has inherited an ...


Timmothy B. McCann is the latest author to enter the booming African-American fiction market, following the path blazed by Terry McMillan and Eric Jerome Dickey. His first novel, Until. . ., mines the already well-worked vein of contemporary male-female relationships, much of which will seem familia ...

My Sweet Folly

My Sweet Folly opens with a series of charming letters from Lt. Robert Cambourne to his cousin's wife. The correspondence begins almost by accident with Robert writing to his elderly cousin Charles Hamilton about a minor estate matter and being answered by Charles' lonely twenty year old wife, Folie ...