Finding Home series


Narrated by Joel Leslie Oz, the first book in Lily Morton’s Coming Home series, is loosely linked to her previous Mixed Messages trilogy but works perfectly well as a standalone.  If you’re familiar with the author’s work, you’ll find exactly the sort of thing you’ve come to expect; ch ...


I love a great redemption story.  And if anyone needs redeeming, it’s Gideon Ramsay, a hard-partying, famous actor who is deeply in the closet.  He’s besties with Silas (Risk Taker and Oz), and Niall (his brother Milo’s partner) - with whom he also used to have sex.  Confused?  Don’t be ...


Friends, I’m torn.  If you follow my reviews, you already know Lily Morton’s Deal Maker is one of my favorite contemporary romances.  It’s chock full of my favorite things:  well-realized principal characters, funny and clever dialogue, vivid (amazing) settings, low-angst, hot sex, entertai ...