Fish Out of Water series

Fish on a Bicycle

Jackson Rivers and Ellery Cramer are back – perhaps a little the worse for wear - in this fifth instalment of Amy Lane’s Fish Out of Water series, and they’re starting a new chapter of their lives.  After being shot, stabbed and almost poisoned to death during their pursuit of Carl Lacey, the ...

Hiding the Moon

Hiding the Moon is nominally book four in Amy Lane’s Fish Out of Water series, but really it’s a branch off the main tree, a spin-off featuring some of the characters who appeared in secondary roles in the previous book, A Few Good Fish.  (For which there are spoilers in this review).  In that ...

A Few Good Fish

Amy Lane’s Fish Out of Water has quickly become one of my favourite romantic suspense series, mostly because I adore the two central characters, but also because the books are gritty, tightly plotted, sexy thrillers with intriguing storylines, plenty of snark and a large helping of angst.  It’s ...