Forgotten Empires series

The Promised Queen

Alas for another series that loses steam. While I loved The Orchid Throne, book one in Jeffe Kennedy’s Forgotten Empires series, and I enjoyed (with some caveats), The Fiery Crown (book two), The Promised Queen disappointed. Because this is book three of a fantasy series, a LOT has happened bef ...

The Fiery Crown

In The Fiery Crown, the second book of Jeffe Kennedy’s Forgotten Empires series, we rejoin our marriage-of-convenienced monarchs Con and Euthalia as they await the evil emperor Anure’s reaction to their marriage (since, you know, Lia was technically Anure’s fiancee). The first book was one of ...

The Orchid Throne

I’ve had some occasional exposure to Jeffe Kennedy’s work through fantasy anthologies, but this is the first full-length book I’ve read. Judging by how well The Orchid Throne turned out, I have a new fantasy author to add to my TBR shelf. Sixteen years earlier, a despot rose to power in the ...