Forgotten Files series

The Hangman

The Hangman is the third title in Mary Burton’s Forgotten Files series of romantic suspense novels, in which the protagonists find themselves investigating ‘cold cases’, unsolved crimes dating back many years, which hold a particular significance for them.  The principals in each story are di ...

The Dollmaker

The Dollmaker is book two in Mary Burton's Forgotten Files series, and even though I have not read the previous book (The Shark), I had no problem following the story as this one works perfectly well as a standalone. Dr. Tessa McGowan has just started a new job as a medical examiner when the body ...

The Shark

I really wanted to love The Shark, the first book in Mary Burton’s new Forgotten Files series. I’ve enjoyed many of the author’s books in the past and with its low price and intriguing premise I was excited at the prospect of recommending this latest novel. Unfortunately, I found myself quickl ...