Frontiers of the Heart series

Bound for Temptation

Tess LeSue’s Frontiers of the Heart series adds a new heroine to root for in Bound for Temptation. Madame Seline is, at long last, a rich woman. Having established three brothels in the California gold fields she’s been run out of Mokelumne Hills by Hec Boehm and his gang of thugs for refusin ...

Bound for Eden

Début author?  Western romance?  Why yes, sign me up please. Bound for Eden is quite unlike most of the Westerns I've read, but once I got into it, I quite enjoyed myself. This novel has plenty of adventure, but pairs it with a light and humorous tone which makes for quite the wagon train romp. ...

Prairie Moon

How far would a man go for honor? What if the last words to your husband were said in anger? How do you reveal a secret that will shatter a person's life? In asking these questions this romance created more heart and soul than I found in any other romance this year. There were no extraneous subplots ...