Frozen Hearts series

Arctic Heat

Arctic Heat is the third and final book in Annabeth Albert’s Frozen Hearts trilogy of romances set in and around the spectacular landscapes of Alaska, and in it, we meet winter state park volunteer, Owen Han, an energetic, outgoing guy who has recently survived testicular cancer, and the reserved ...

Arctic Wild

Arctic Wild, book two in Annabeth Albert’s Frozen Hearts series, is a gently moving, slow-burn romance between two very different men who find themselves re-evaluating their lives following an almost fatal accident.  There are places where perhaps the pacing could have been a little faster and th ...

Arctic Sun

Sometimes, if I’m familiar with an author, I can overlook flaws in a story - especially if/when the author is trying something new; I’ll round up and qualify the recommendation to AAR readers with the reasons why.  But that familiarity can be a problem when I can’t quite decide if the problem ...