Garnet Run series

The Rivals of Casper Road

(We are rerunning our two DIK Halloween-themed romances today!) originally published on 10/02/2022 Roan Parrish continues to produce incredibly beautiful, incredibly lovable romances, and this Harlequin Special Edition does everything that I love about the line - focus in on small-town romance and ...

The Lights on Knockbridge Lane

The Lights on Knockbridge Lane is a cute, fluffy (well, mostly) Christmas-themed story that is the very first male/male romance to appear in one of Harlequin’s main category lines.  It’s the third in Roan Parrish’s Garnet Run series, and although characters from the earlier books do appear, t ...

Best Laid Plans

I enjoyed the previous book in this series, and was pleased when I learned that big-hearted, slightly awkward Charlie Matheson would be getting a story.  Better Than People was warm and lovely, with a well-developed romance and well-rounded characters, and I’d hoped for more of the same here - bu ...