Girl Bachelors series

And Then He Kissed Her (#69 on AAR's Top 100 Romances)

An AAR Top 100 Romance originally published on July 11, 2007 I've always enjoyed Laura Lee Guhrke's writing although I was disappointed with her last, She's No Princess. However, I am happy to say that And Then He Kissed Her is her best book yet. Emmaline Dove, 30-year-old spinster, has been secr ...

Secret Desires of a Gentleman

I’ve had a string of bad reading luck lately. Three of the five books I last reviewed were Ds, with more mediocre stories in between. However, my luck turned when I picked Secret Diaries of a Gentleman, the third in Laura Lee Guhrke’s popular Girl Bachelors series. Like many other readers, I lov ...