Grantham Girls series

A Duchess in Name

I’ve been meaning to get to  Amanda Weaver’s début novel, A Duchess in Name, book one in her Grantham Girls trilogy, ever since it came out in 2016.  I’ve read and reviewed both the other books in the series, but somehow missed the first, which happens to centre around an arranged marriage, ...

A Reluctant Betrothal

Unlike the heroines of the other books in Amanda Weaver’s Grantham Girls series, the heroine of A Reluctant Betrothal is not an heiress.   Grace Godwyn is the daughter of a viscount who gambled away his estate and fortune and who, following the death of her mother then she was four, spent her li ...

A Common Scandal

Having heard good things about Amanda Weaver’s début novel, A Duchess in Name (which I haven’t yet read), I was keen to read and review this second novel in her Grantham Girls series. In it, each of the heroines are young ladies who don’t quite fit the norm as far as English society is concer ...