The Matzah Ball

Get your holiday season off to a strong start with the fabulous debut novel, The Matzah Ball. For the last decade, Rachel Rubenstein-Goldblatt, daughter of one of the world’s most prominent rabbis, has made a living as Christmas romance novelist Margot Cross. The job has been ideal for her – ...

Holiday by Candlelight

Holiday romances tend to be a strictly Christmas affair, so when I saw Holiday by Candlelight, I was intrigued. There aren’t many Hanukkah romances out there, but I’ve read a couple good ones. One side of my family is Jewish so I tend to keep an eye out for books that represent that side of my w ...

Holiday Outing

I decided to take a chance on Holiday Outing after Jessica at Racy Romance Reviews posted a review of this novella. I’m so very glad I did, because this was a nice little gem to add to my holiday reading this year. Jonah Levinson hasn’t been home to celebrate Hanukkah in four years, but this ...