Heartstone series


Flamebringer is the richly imagined, lushly magical conclusion to the Heartstone trilogy, in which we join Aliza and Alistair almost immediately after the events in Dragonshadow. All of the world and character building take place in the first two novels, so potential readers will definitely want to ...


Dragonshadow is the sequel to last year’s popular Pride and Prejudice inspired fantasy romance novel, Heartstone. Picking up shortly after the end of Heartstone, Dragonshadow offers a deeper look at the magical kingdom of Arle and their dangerous enemies: the vicious Tekari and the mysterious Els. ...


The world is full of reworkings of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, from story continuations to the inclusion of zombies. Well, now we have one with dragons. I wasn’t sure going in how well it would work - I was hopeful, but I’ve been let down before. Somehow though, Elle Katharine White has ...