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Ship Wrecked

Ship Wrecked, the third installment in Olivia Dade’s Spoiler Alert series, started off strong, and I felt confident that after a long dry spell, I might have found myself a solid A-grade read. The writing is solid and the main characters really grabbed me. Unfortunately, big pacing problems and a ...

The Stand-Up Groomsman

Jackie Lau is my favorite contemporary romance writer, and I know I can expect a well-rounded book filled with complicated characters trying to deal with grown-up situations from her. The Stand-Up Groomsman isn’t my absolute favorite Lau, but it’s still a straight-up delight, and well worth a re ...

Weather Girl

Weather Girl, I can’t wait to see you – Russell to Ari Weather Girl is an incredibly charming romance.  Warm and sweet, it’s also honest about what depression can do to a person and the rigors and difficulties of single parenthood, mean bosses and difficult parents. Ari Abrams is a cheery ...