Heirs in Waiting series

The Bluestocking Duchess

Julia Justiss’ historicals often read somewhat like trads with a little extra depth to them, so I pulled The Bluestocking Duchess out of my stack and came away quite charmed. The hero and heroine start off on somewhat equal social footing. Jocelyn Sudderfeld is the daughter and sister of schola ...

The Railway Countess

Julia Justiss continues her Heirs in Waiting series with the very sweet-natured and somewhat predictable The Railway Countess, about two very typically atypical romance protagonists who still manage to find love in a way that amuses and entertains the reader. Crispin d’Aubignon is a railway inv ...

The Bluestocking Duchess

The Bluestocking Duchess launches Julia Justiss’ new Heirs in Waiting series. It’s a well written friends-to-lovers tale that is sweet but doesn’t quite have the passion or charm of other books I’ve read by this author. Jocelyn Sudderfeld is the daughter of the Duke of Farisdeen’s estat ...