Highlands Lairds series

The Secret

Narrated by Susan Duerden In the early days of AAR, The Secret (first published in 1992) received a DIK in a reader review. I read the review soon after I discovered AAR and immediately bought the book. I’ve read it so many times since that my old paperback is falling apart. I was a bit nervous ...

Shadow Music

It hurts to give Julie Garwood’s much anticipated Shadow Music such a low grade, but I’ve read more interesting, well plotted vacuum cleaner instructions. Princess Gabrielle of St. Biel, the Treasure of England, has been betrothed to a highly respected Highland chief by King John in hopes of ...


Before you all tar and feather me, please hear me out. I know this is a Julie Garwood Scots romance (her best sub-genre, in my mind) and we have all been waiting for this book for a long time (what was that For the Roses series about, anyway?). She can do no wrong in our eyes when she is writing abo ...