Holidays with the Wongs series

A Big Surprise for Valentine's Day

Jackie Lau's lighthearted romantic comedy series Holidays with the Wongs concludes with A Big Surprise for Valentine's Day. I've enjoyed all the titles in the series as each of the Wong siblings has found a partner and now it's youngest sibling Amber's turn. Amber lives in Stratford where she wor ...

A Second Chance Road Trip for Christmas

Having read and loved Jackie Lau's A Match Made for Thanksgiving, the first in her Holidays with the Wongs series, there was no doubt I'd be reading the next in the series. With a title like 'A Second Chance Road Trip for Christmas' it promised to be full of trope-y goodness. In fact, all that's mis ...

A Match Made for Thanksgiving

Jackie Lau continues to surprise and delight me with her variety of romance novels and novellas, and when I heard she was writing a holiday novella series featuring the Wong family, (aptly named Holidays with the Wongs) I immediately added them to my to-read list. First up is A Match Made for Thanks ...