Hope and Glory series

The Prince of Spies

Prince of Spies is a tale of star-crossed lovers with a charming hero and heroine who are a delight to read about. However, it combines that appealing romance with some troublesome plot points which made grading the tale a conundrum for this reviewer. This is book three of the Hope & Glory tr ...

A Gilded Lady

A Gilded Lady is the absolutely fantastic second book in the Hope and Glory series set in the dazzling world of Washington D.C.’s Gilded Age. Fans of the first story - The Spice King - will recognize the heroine as a secondary character in that volume but you don’t need to have read that novel t ...

The Spice King

There is no sweeter joy than finding an author who consistently publishes great romance, and for me, one such author is Elizabeth Camden. I love the way I never know what to expect from her books – mystery, adventure, heartwarming family stories, or journeys of self-discovery – and yet I know ex ...