Hope series

One Perfect Kiss

Jaci Burton’s One Perfect Kiss is somewhat of an opposites attract love story. It’s number eight in Burton’s Hope series with Hope being both a fictional town near Tulsa and a state of mind. Hope High English teacher Josie Barnes had a rough childhood - her single mother raised her, when she w ...

Don't Let Go

Brady Connors had no intention of living the rest of his life in sleepy Hope, Oklahoma. After a family tragedy forces his hand, he sets up a temporary custom motorcycle shop and hopes to fly completely under the radar. Bakery owner Megan Lee is determined to foil his wallflower plan and tempts him i ...

Hope Flames

Sometimes the hardest books to review are the ones that are neither all that good or all that bad. That was how Hope Flames was for me. It is difficult to describe my feelings for this read because, although it was an easy read, it wasn’t particularly compelling or exciting. Burton has moved ...