House of Rohan series


Seven years after our last encounter with the members of the scandalous House of Rohan, author Anne Stuart returns to nineteenth century England to bring us a fifth book in the series, Heartless, which picks up the story of the youngest Rohan, Lord Brandon, and Emma Cadbury, the woman who cared for ...


Shameless is the fourth in Ms. Stuart’s The House of Rohan series--Heartless comes out this week--and, while it’s not as stellar as the first two in the series, Ruthless and Reckless (my personal favorite), it’as good as the third, Breathless. And, because it’s by Anne Stuart, it’s ...


Ah, Anne Stuart historicals. Anyone who has read even just two could predict the sequence of events: Bad boy hero, innocent(ish) heroine, some kind of suspense plot and sex at the tenth hour, immediately followed by emotional evisceration of the heroine before hero falls at her feet. You like, or yo ...


“Move your bleedin’ arse,” Miss Charlotte Spenser’s maid, Meggie, said to her.” With these opening words, Ms. Stuart, in the second book in her historical Rohan trilogy, pulls the reader in and doesn’t let her go until the very lovely last line. The series tells the story of three genera ...


I don’t think it’s too much to state that Anne Stuart’s House of Rohan trilogy comes with high, high hopes. This author has given readers some of the darkest, cruellest, and most successfully redeemed heroes ever, and her historical novels seem to have an especially devoted following, possibly ...