Kat Holloway Mysteries

Murder in the East End

I love historical mysteries with a good romance thrown in. That’s why I picked up Murder in the East End to review. But I made a critical error - the historical mysteries that I love are series mysteries that build on the story and add some new information to the character development with each bo ...

Scandal Above Stairs

Scandal Above Stairs, the second book in Jennifer Ashley’s series of historical mysteries featuring the no-nonsense cook, Kat Ashley, takes place a few months after the events of book one, Death Below Stairs, and sees our intrepid heroine once again embroiled in the search for a killer, aided by h ...

Death Below Stairs

Jennifer Ashley is the author of a number of very popular historical romances about the various members of the MacKenzie family as well as of the Captain Lacey series of historical mysteries, which she publishes as Ashley Gardner.  I confess that I haven’t read any of the Captain’s regency-set ...