Lady Adelaide mysteries

Who's Sorry Now?

Adelaide (Addie) Compton is back, and so is her dead husband, Rupert, who is still her guardian angel, searching for the right deed that will get him through the Pearly Gates and into the good graces of The Fellow Upstairs.  They continue to struggle with this as Adelaide struggles to enjoy a good ...

Nobody's Sweetheart Now

If you have any kind of fondness for Nick and Nora Charles, then you’re probably going to get a kick out of Maggie Robinson’s Lady Adelaide  series of cozy mysteries. If you try not to picture Adelaide as Carole Lombard,  you won’t be able to avoid it! Lady Adelaide Compton is in a bit of ...

Nobody's Sweetheart Now

Set primarily in the English Countryside in the summer of 1924,  Nobody’s Sweetheart Now is the first in Maggie Robinson’s new series of Lady Adelaide Mysteries. A forward-thinking woman in the 1920s, a proper but swoon-worthy police inspector, a hint of the paranormal, and the little dog too, ...