Lady Julia Grey series

Silent in the Grave

Silent in the Grave is the book that introduced readers to Lady Julia Grey. While it has its romantic moments, I wouldn't say it's strictly romance. It's more a historical mystery with strong romantic elements - and rather a good one. The book opens as Lady Julia becomes a widow following events tha ...

Silent Night

Narrated by Ellen Archer I normally avoid novellas; they’re just too short for me. I like to learn more about the characters than is revealed in a novella. But in the case of a well-loved series I’ll make an exception. I’m a major fan of the Lady Julia series and have enjoyed Ellen Archer ...

The Dark Enquiry

With a plot that sounded more interesting than it actually was, I found myself liking – but not loving – this latest in the series featuring Lady Julia and her beloved Nicholas Brisbane. As the book opens, Lady Julia and Nicholas appear to have settled into an arrangement in which Julia assis ...

Dark Road to Darjeeling

Filled with complex adult characters, beautifully evocative prose, and an intriguing mystery, the latest entry in the Lady Julia Grey series does not disappoint. If you’re a fan of historical mysteries with a strong romantic thread, I highly recommend you read Silent in the Grave, the first book i ...

Silent on the Moor

Note: This review contains series spoilers. We get many review submissions here at AAR and sometimes a book will slip under the radar of both reviewers and readers and, with a series this good, that's almost a crime. I discovered Deanna Raybourn’s Silent series late last year and quickly read S ...