Legend of the Four Soldiers series

To Desire a Devil

Elizabeth Hoyt has earned seven DIKs at AAR. Sometimes it sucks to buck the trend, but you do what you must. And in this particular case, this book is really, really good. But it isn't great. After his regiment was massacred in North America and following seven years of Indian captivity, Reynaud ...

To Seduce a Sinner

The second novel in Elizabeth Hoyt's Legend of the Four Soldiers series is even better than the first. To Seduce a Sinner is funny and heartbreaking, sexy and poignant. A hung-over Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale, has just been left at the altar by his fiancée when he is offered a replacement - by ...

To Taste Temptation

I’m not certain I can put into words how To Taste Temptation, the first installation of Elizabeth Hoyt's new Legend of the Four Soldiers series made me feel. I’ve never read the author before and I don’t know how this book stands up next to the others she’s written. I only know that I loved ...