lesbian romance

The Butch and the Beautiful

I’m still so very thrilled about this new series by one of my favourite authors. Kris Ripper totally won me over with zir Scientific Method series - so far so that ze is now an auto-buy author for me. I already loved the first book in zir new Queers of La Vista series, Gays of Our Lives, and The B ...

Glove of Satin Glove of Bone

I had such high hopes for this book. Witches, grimoires, ex-lovers rekindling their relationship - this sounded promising to me. Unfortunately, the book doesn‘t deliver at all because the romance is underdeveloped and the rest of the plot is boring and implausible. Enne Datchery and Muriel vas ...

Portrait of a Crossroads

There are times when a story needs to be wrapped up, when there are too many loose ends floating around, and nothing makes sense. There are other times, though, where at the end of the book you are left wondering, and it is a good thing. Not everything is finished, and it doesn’t always need to be ...