Romeo and Julia

Romeo & Julia is the antithesis of the “sweet savage romance,” which is why I enjoyed it as much as I did. There’s not a lot of ugly, melodramatic conflict. There’s no overwhelming “I hate you, but I lust after you anyway” passion. Instead, there’s a hero who’s quite a bit younge ...

The Major and the Librarian

This was an impulse buy, and like many impulses, I lived to regret giving in to it. There really isn't anything wrong with the book - but there isn't really anything right about it, either. It's just boring. The characters are boring, the story is boring, the writing is boring. It's been four ...

Lightning That Lingers

When I read this touchingly funny, passionately sexy book as one of the early (#25) Loveswepts, I knew immediately that it was probably the best, the most definitive romance novel - particularly "category" romance - that I'd ever find. Lightning was such an outstanding book that it made it hard t ...