Lost Lords of Pembrooke series

Lord of Temptation

The premise of Lorraine Heath’s Lost Lords of Pembrook hooked me. Three boys flee their home because they’re in danger of being killed by their uncle, who is after the family title. Ten years later, they return to society, but the time they’ve spent on the run, struggling for survival, has cha ...

A Christmas to Remember (anthology)

Note: A Christmas to Remember is a collection of four Christmas-themed novellas that have been previously published elsewhere. Anthologies are, by their very nature, a mixed bag, and I usually find they consist of perhaps one excellent story, one poor one and a couple in between.  In the case of ...

She Tempts the Duke

The beautiful and unexpectedly brainy — in the early 1940’s, she designed and patented a sophisticated weapons system, technology is still in use today - actress Hedy Lamarr once said, “I can excuse everything but boredom.” Ms. Lamarr would not have excused Ms. Heath’s latest, the dull She ...