Lovestruck Librarians series


Mayday is a blast from the past - the good kind, not the kind that makes you regret ever parting a book’s covers.  While it isn’t as strong as Dade’s more recent works, it’s a likable little novel that reminded me of Parks and Recreation. Helen Murphy is a librarian with a solid friendsh ...

Driven to Distraction

It’s hard to resist trying a series called Lovestruck Librarians. Constance Chen, queen of the Bookmobile, constantly squabbles with Sam Wolcott from the IT department because as her best friend’s brother, she considers him off-limits, and their fighting is the only thing keeping them out of eac ...

Ready to Fall

Ready to Fall is an example of tropes done right. There are a ridiculous number of them on display in this eighty-five page novella, from the librarian looking for love to the damaged-by-previous-relationship hero, but the story uses them so well - and with a big dash of humor - that it all works. ...