The Girl Next Door

Chelsea M. Cameron’s The Girl Next Door treats the reader to a small-town romance between lifelong acquaintances.  It’s a simple, sweet, low-conflict romance that’s perfectly adorable. Following a series of financial failures that resulted in her losing her business in Boston, Iris Turner ...

The Last Viking

The cover of The Last Viking is not for those who are squeamish about reading romance novels in public. It has the hero and heroine, Rolf and Meredith in a nekkid embrace while the surf washes over them and hides all the naughty bits. Since the story takes place in Maine, I can't help but wince at h ...

Carried Away

Jill Barnett almost deserves an A for effort in Carried Away. Unfortunately, the execution of this unique melding of two complete love stories and varying points of view doesn't quite merit a five. Too bad, because this author is one of the best in the genre, writing books that are all at once funny ...