Men of Steele series

Blind Trust

Blind Trust, book six in the Men of Steele series of romantic suspense novels, is another fast-paced, well-plotted and steamy tale from author Gwen Hernandez.   I've consistently enjoyed the books of hers I've read so far, although I have to say that the romantic conflict in this one was a bit dra ...

Blind Justice

Blind Justice is the fifth book in Gwen Hernandez’s Men of Steele series of romantic suspense novels centred around the men – and in this book, women – who work for the high-end private security firm owned by Kurt Steele.  I’ve read some – but not all - of the previous books in the series ...


New-to-me author Gwen Hernandez has crafted a tightly plotted page-turner in Blindsided, the third book in her Men of Steele series.  The heroes are all ex-military men who now work for Kurt Steele’s  security firm, and even though this is the third in the series and some characters from the oth ...