Mercy Thompson series

Burn Bright

Long running series eventually (inevitably?) become more about providing fans an opportunity to connect with favorite characters than they are about providing great stories. In Burn Bright, the fifth book in the Alpha and Omega series and fifteenth novel in the general Mercyverse, Briggs delivers a ...

Silence Fallen

When Moon Called, the first book in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, came out in 2006, I was in a paranormal reading slump. The triumvirate of Anita, Richard, and Jean Claude was no more, and our favorite mercenary Kate Daniels had yet to make her mark on a futuristic Atlanta. Imagine my su ...

Blood Bound

Blood Bound is the second book in what could become a great new urban fantasy series starring a tough, non-human heroine. Mercedes Thompson is a VW mechanic, which gets her a lot of jokes. She is a "walker", which is similar to the Skinwalkers of Native American folklore. Mercy can turn into a coyot ...