Bishop's Endgame

After the rather disappointing Bishop's Queen, the middle instalment of Katie Reus’ Endgame Trilogy, I confess I was on the fence as to whether I was going to finish the series.  But in the end, I decided to read Bishop’s Endgame because I was still interested in finding out what happened to th ...

A Model Spy

The last few months I've bought several Silhouette Bombshells, none of which held my attention past the initial chapters, all of which went unfinished. Natalie Dunbar's A Model Spy immediately stands as an improvement since I was able to finish it rather easily, but while it tells an interesting sto ...

Tell Me You Love Me

Heroine Tyanna Montgomery won my heart on page four of Tell Me You Love Me when someone approaches her in a dark gym parking lot and, instead of screaming or being a helpless victim, she punches and kicks her would-be assailant until he collapses onto the pavement. Now that's a woman I can root for! ...