Midnight Breed series

Taken by Midnight

Taken by Midnight is eighth in Adrian’s Midnight Breed series. As this is my first of the series, my review may be drastically different from one who has read all the books. Lara Adrian did an excellent job of making the world of The Order come alive to a first-time reader. However, if I had read ...

Midnight Rising

Midnight Rising is the fourth installment of the Adrian’s Midnight Breed series. The plot immediately drew me in and I liked its thoroughly tortured hero, Rio. Because the action is light, the hero and heroine - and their relationship - got the attention they deserved. Although not all great, this ...

Midnight Awakening

I don’t know what went wrong with the first two books in Lara Adrian’s Breed series. I gave a good attempt to read them, but found myself liking them as little as my fellow AAR reviewers and giving up. I called myself every type of crazy for choosing Midnight Awakening to review, thinking I was ...