Queen’s Surrender: To A Higher Calling

Queen’s Surrender: To A Higher Calling is the latest release in Pat Simmons’s ten-book series The Jamieson Legacy, and as I had not read the previous books, I knew I was coming in late to this long-running story. Nonetheless, with a little attention I was able to get a handle on the large Jamies ...

Relative Justice

Relative Justice is book one in Gregory Ashe’s latest series to feature Emery Hazard and John-Henry Somerset, Hazard and Somerset: Arrows in the Hand, and even though it’s the start of a new series, it’s most definitely NOT the place to start if you’ve never picked up a H&S book before. ...

The Hive

Melissa Scholes Young’s terrific southern coming of age tale is an interesting character portrait that manages to combine an emotional slice-of-life tale with a feminist mien that makes the entire experience a fascination. The Fehler Sisters – teenage Tammy and Kate, college-bound Jules, and ...