mistaken identity

Virtually Yours

Set in the near future, Sarvenaz Tash’s Virtually Yours explores virtual romance and the complications that set in when reality and fantasy collide. Mariam Vakilian isn’t the type of person to sign up for a dating service, but now that her ex, Caleb, has thrown himself out onto the market aga ...

The Earl Takes All

I’ve been desperate to read The Earl Takes All since I finished Falling into Bed With a Duke, the first book in Lorraine Heath’s Hellions of Havisham Hall series. Even though at that point no synopsis had been published, I had an inkling of where this story might be going – which says a lot fo ...

Sex, Lies, and Online Dating

You've gotta love Gibson’s heroes – they are so realistic that you can reach out and touch them and they are simply such…men! Their combination of attitudes, communication skills, thoughts, and half attempts to see things from a woman’s perspective is very effective. Sex, Lies, and Online Da ...