Moose Springs

Enjoy the View

Sarah Morgenthaler’s Moose Springs, Alaska  is usually a funny, charming, and dare I say quirky place to visit.  But its third installment, Enjoy the View, about a starlet looking to remake her Hollywood career and the mountain man who helps her ascent, goes rancid from the second we meet our he ...

Mistletoe and Mr. Right

Someone had drawn a giant penis in the snow. (Opening sentence, Mistletoe and Mr. Right.) If the kind of humor contained in the above sentence escapes or repulses you, then you’re not going to enjoy Mistletoe and Mr. Right, a forthrightly goofy story about a rich girl trying to hunt down her tow ...

The Tourist Attraction

The Tourist Attraction, the debut from promising new contemporary romance author Sarah Morgenthaler, takes place in a tiny town in Alaska where the tourist/local divide is a chasm. The story is between Graham - the local who loathes tourists - and Zoey - the tourist who falls for Alaska's charm (and ...