Morgan Dane series

Save Your Breath

Save Your Breath is the sixth and final book in Melinda Leigh’s series of suspense novels featuring defence attorney Morgan Dane, who – together with her three young daughters - moved back to her home town of Scarlet Falls following the death of her husband on active service.  Over the course o ...

Secrets Never Die

This fifth book in Melinda Leigh’s series about defence attorney Morgan Dane, her partner - PI Lance Kruger - and his boss and their mutual friend Lincoln Sharp, focuses on a tautly written mystery plot involving a murder and a missing teen while also taking an insightful look at the challenges of ...

What I’ve Done

Haley Powell wakes up covered in blood, with no memory of how she got where she is, where the blood came from, or why the boy she likes is lying dead just outside the door. Is the blood all his? Hers? Both? Why is she there? What happened? She’s mentally fuzzy because she’s missed her medication ...