The Duke, the Lady, and a Baby

So, A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby walk into a bar… (I couldn’t resist opening with a classic bar joke.) A Duke, the Lady, and A Baby, the first novel in Vanessa Riley’s Rogues and Remarkable Women series of Regency romances, is a one-stop reading experience. It delivers extraordinary storyte ...

Falling for Prince Federico

Nicole Burnham's series featuring the diTalora family of San Rimini is probably one of the best of its kind. There are certainly many imaginary principalities out there on the bookshelves, but somehow San Rimini and its ruling family manage to feel more real than most of them. By the end of this boo ...

Taming the Beast

By all counts, Taming the Beast ought not to work at all. It is improbable in a high degree; Laura does not even see Richard's face until page 143 since he spends most of his time skulking around in the dark and shadows sharing long talks and deep kisses with her. But such is the mood that Amy Fetze ...