New York State

Footsteps of the Past

The first book in Felice Stevens’ new Second Chances series of contemporary romances - The List – introduced readers to Elliot, Spencer, Wolf and Chess, four men in their mid-thirties who have been best friends since their college days.  Footsteps of the Past is book two, and although it’s pr ...

Rare Vigilance

M.A. Grant has been on my radar for a while, but I haven’t yet managed to get around to reading any of her books, so when I saw she was starting a new series, it seemed the perfect time to jump in.  Rare Vigilance is book one in her Whitethorn Agency trilogy and the well-paced, wonderfully balanc ...

Her Homecoming Wish

Her Homecoming Wish is a beautiful surprise of a novel, a small-town romance with a sense of humor drawn exquisitely from life. Mackenzie (Mack) Wallace is living in flux.  Having left her marriage, cheating husband and home in the snooty town of Glenfadden, Connecticut, she’s returned to her ...