Northern Canada

In the Barren Ground

Loreth Anne White’s latest book is set in the Barren Lands, a vast swath of sparsely inhabited region in northern Canada. While I liked the unique setting and found the central mystery well-done, the romance portion of the book didn’t really work for me. In the Barren Ground is an atmospheric th ...

Stranded With Her Rescuer

Stranded With Her Rescuer is what some might call a problem book. On the one hand, it's well written and the characters click together very well. However, their love story relies on a plot device that I suspect might turn off more than a few readers. If you can handle how Will and Kitty come togethe ...

Where Heaven Begins

Roseanne Bittner has written many action-filled historical romances set in the American West with vivid settings and memorable characters that often reflect the author's personal faith. Having read several of her historicals, I eagerly anticipated her first inspirational romance. But, while Where He ...