Olympus series

The Seeker

In Greek mythology the goddess Demeter is presented as a victim. Her beloved daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Hades and required to spend six months each year in the underworld because she ate six pomegranate seeds. During that time, Demeter mourns and refuses to let anything grow. But what if D ...

The Warrior

The Warrior, a sequel to The Trickster, which was quite favorable reviewed here at AAR, suffers from a bad case of sequel-itis. But instead of the usual symptom, bloated sections of boring back story, this one assumes the reader has read the prequel and will read the forthcoming sequel and leaves ou ...

The Trickster

I love finding new-to-me authors. Kathleen Nance has written two other books and two novellas, and I may have to go find them if they're all as charming as this novel. Centuries ago, the gods of Olympus ruled the earth. Zeus, the ruler, dallied with many women, among them Io. Long story short ...