Pendragon Legacy


It’s never a good sign when a review book takes me a month to read. If only Susan Kearney’s Jordan had taken just a month! I’ve been reading it off and on for the past three months, barely able to tolerate more than ten pages at a time. It’s not that the book was horrible, it was just boring ...


This is a book I would describe as way too busy. Though it’s action packed, there’s just too much to deal with in one story - from dragons, other worlds, kidnapping, scattered references to the legend of Camelot, to constantly running from things out to get them, I was tired when I finished read ...


Right. *Takes deep breath* Lucan is from Earth in the future, when everyone is sterile, and he discovers that the only hope for mankind is to find the Holy Grail which can cure anything and is kept on the moon Avalon. So Lucan travels bajillions of light-years only to find that the Grail is hidde ...