Pirate romance

Heart of Steel

A world controlled by the Horde. Nanoagents. Clockwork men. Europe overrun with zombies. We can be only one place: The Iron Seas. This outstanding steampunk series combines dangerous women, adventurous men, endless action, and scintillating romance. Lovers of this genre really can't do better than ...

Across a Moonlit Sea

Memory does play funny tricks on you. I bought Across a Moonlit Sea at a UBS because I remembered loving it a few years ago. After reading it, I realised that, although it was still really good, something had changed and it sure as hell wasn't the book. Mind you, it's still a wonderful Elizabetha ...

The Windflower

Merry Patricia Wilding was sitting on a cobblestone wall, sketching three rutabagas and daydreaming about the unicorn." So begins one of the most beloved historical romances and my personal favorite. When it was first released in 1984, The Windflower was a revelation to me - a many-layered, multi-t ...