Play.Survive.Win series

The Prada Paradox

Julie Kenner's previous two books in the Play. Survive. Win trilogy were non-stop action rides through New York City's shopping district on a deadly scavenger hunt. I wondered how the author would wrap up this series without repeating herself, but never doubt a good writer. In a case of "art imitati ...

The Manolo Matrix

Julie Kenner continues to surprise me with each new book. Last year’s The Givenchy Code was a non-stop breathless sexy scavenger hunt through New York City. Since The Manolo Matrix features the same deadly scavenger hunt, I wondered how Kenner would keep it new and fresh. Not to worr ...

The Givenchy Code

One knock against Chick Lit is that the heroines, generally speaking, are not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier. They know their Prada from their Kate Spade, have explored every dead-end job publishing has to offer, and can identify any brand of designer vodka just by sniffing the bottle cap, bu ...