Playful Brides series

Kiss Me at Christmas

Valerie Bowman continues her Playful Brides series with Kiss me at Christmas. Lady Regina Haversham, niece to the Duke of Colchester, wants to lose her virginity.  About to be locked into a loveless arranged marriage, Regina wants to have fun before her spinster days are behind her and to taste ...

The Right Kind of Rogue

Do you like stories of unrequited love? What about ladies falling for their best friends’ brothers? Jealous heroes? If you nodded vociferously to any of those, I’d recommend picking up the newest addition to Valerie Bowman’s Playful Brides series, The Right Kind of Rogue. In this tale, two ...

The Legendary Lord

It was apparent from the first chapter of Valerie Bowman's The Legendary Lord that this Historical Romance was not going to be historically accurate and that the characters would find themselves in implausible situations considering its setting of 1816. At this point, I made the conscious choice to ...