Pleasures series

Potent Pleasures

Narrated by Susan Duerden I remember reading the other two books in this trilogy several years ago, but for some reason hadn’t read the first, Potent Pleasures, so listening to this new audiobook version seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, it proved to be a disappointing experience overall, ...

Pleasure for Pleasure

Pleasure for Pleasure is an adorable Regency-era story, charmingly written, and although it's the final in a series about four sisters, the reader new to Eloisa James (such as I) will have no trouble following the characters or plot. Josephine Essex is the youngest of the sisters, and has rec ...

Potent Pleasures

Unlike most authors today, Eloisa James gets a lot out of the omniscient point of view. She uses it to provide irony and wit without confusing the reader. Also, she had the guts to rewrite her book prior to paperback publication to make it more accurate. Too bad a couple of big misunderstandings dra ...